Last October, the Smash Bros. community was torn in two over the validity of the incredibly legit seeming, yet ultimately fake “Grinch Leak.” Since then, any potential rumors regarding the still mostly unknown DLC roster have been taken with a smaller grain of salt than ever. Now, a dataminer claims to have discovered a clue to the identity of the second fighter in the “Challenger Pack” DLC.


In a tweet on January 3, dataminer jam1garner revealed three codenames for upcoming characters in the game’s code: “Packu,” “Jack,” and “Brave.” The general consensus is “Packu” and “Jack” refer to Piranha Plant and Joker, respectively. But it’s “Brave” that has the Smash community theorizing that “Challenger Pack 2” will feature a character from Square Enix’s "Dragon Quest” franchise, namely the hero character from one of the games.

Many think “Brave” points to it being a Dragon Quest character because the default name for the main character in Dragon Quest games is often “Yuusha,” which is the Japanese word for “Brave.” Because of a rumor circulated back in December, saying the second DLC character would be Erdrick from Dragon Quest III, for many this all but solidifies the identity of the second fighter. Others think it may be the hero of the most recent Dragon Quest XI, supported by the fact the game is slated to be released on the Switch sometime in 2019.

While the general consensus is that it will be someone from the Dragon Quest series, some outliers are taking the codename more literally, positing that it could be a character from another Square Enix property, the Nintendo 3DS exclusives, Bravely Default and/or Bravely Second.

With all discourse regarding the mystery fighter aside, most everyone is in agreement over the other two codenames. “Packu,” most likely refers to preorder bonus character, Piranha Plant. “Packun Flower” is the Japanese name for Piranha Plant in Ultimate, so “Packu” is a logical assumption. “Jack,” is believed to be Joker from Persona 5, who was revealed at last year’s Game Awards to be the “Challenger Pack 1” fighter. Strangely though, there are multiple connections as to why the code name “Jack” points to Joker. Some believe it’s because Joker, at one point, is called a “Jack of all trades” in Persona 5. Another rationale is simply because “Joker” and “Jack” are both face cards in a deck of playing cards. Others think “Jack” might refer to Jack Frost, an ice-based Persona that Joker can use to battle in the game.

Whether the rumors of the mystery being from Dragon Quest are true or not, it will most likely be a long time before we find out. Given that neither Piranha Plant nor Joker DLCs have release dates announced, the reveal of the “Challenger Pack 2” character will be a ways out.